My ceramic work explores ideas about form within the realm of functional vessels. I have always enjoyed using handmade objects myself, and the consideration of both form and use is part of my design process. I became hooked on teapots a few years ago, and they now provide a significant focus for my work.

My love of ceramics stretches back to my first experiences throwing at the age of 13 at a summer camp in Connecticut, USA. After a long and winding life journey, training and working as an architectural lighting designer, I came back to clay on a casual basis in 1995, when I moved to New Zealand, and in 2006 made the decision to make ceramics a priority in my life. I enrolled in the Otago Polytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Arts in 2008, completing the programme in 2011. Peter Lange was my first tutor in New Zealand, and has been a mentor to me over the years. Andrew van der Putten, Peter Collis, and Merilyn Wiseman have also had a significant impact on my development as a potter and ceramic artist.

My time these days is spent parenting my two teenage daughters, making work, and serving as President of the Auckland Studio Potters, as well as teaching pottery at the ASP, and serving on the board of Te Uru – Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, in Auckland.



Solo / Duo Shows and Awards:
Constructed Memories 2014
Tumblers and Teapots 2012 with Nadine Spalter
Chalk and Cheese 2011 with Lois Jameson
Les and Sonia Andrews Scholarship 2010

Group Shows:
Collect – Salt Glaze 2014

The Bach Dinner Party Show 2014
ASP Domesticware Award 2008 – 2014 
Premier Award, 2014 (Chuck Joseph, judge)
First Merit, 2013 (Campbell Hegan, judge)
Merit Award, 2010 (Graham Ambrose, judge)
Merit Award, 2008 (Duncan Shearer, judge)
Potters’ Council Calendar, 2014
Alternative Firing Collection, August
Portage Ceramic Awards 2011, 2013
Fire and Clay 2008, 2010 – 2013
New Zealand Potters National Exhibition 2011-13
Judge’s Commendation 2013 (Anita McIntyre, judge)
Great Expectations 2010 – 2013
Cliff to Clay 2013
Ceramic Fusion 2013

Corelli’s Great Teapot Show 2012
First Prize, teapot
Body of Clay 2012
Diploma Students Show 2008 – 2012
Earth Matters 2011
Titirangi Potters Annual Exhibition 1996 – 1998, 2006 – 2011

Selector’s Choice – Best Overall Potter, 2011 (Howard Williams, judge)
Selector’s Choice and Merit Award, 2010 (Peter Lange, judge)
Merit Award, 2006 (John Green, judge)
Waitakere Artist Award, 2011

Tea Ceremony 2010
Natural Selection IV 2010